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Order Online $69.95 


8 inches Diameter

10 inches Height

2.4 lbs. in weight


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One of the first signs you will see at the bear park in any zoo is “Don’t feed the bears”. This is so true in a bear’s natural habitat too. There is an old familiar saying “A FED BEAR IS A DEAD BEAR”. According the National Park Service, allowing a bear to obtain human food, even once, can result in aggressive, bear behavior. Aggressive bears are a threat to human safety and must be removed or destroyed. Help keep bears wild and safe. Do not feed the bears for any reason!


Protecting your food from bears, protects  bears....

Mandatory in many National Parks in the U.S.A. The NO-FED-BEAR® bear resistant container is the perfect size for your backcountry travels. Sometimes bigger is not always better. The canisters convenient size stores up to 4 days of food for one person without becoming cumbersome.


The NO-FED-BEAR® container stores perfectly in you backpack or by attaching it to the outside with the available storage case. Each canister is made of a bear proof polymer blend.

The NO-FED-BEAR® bear resistant container is simple to open and close with a coin.  Just insert a coin in the metal fastener and turn counter clockwise. Then remove the lid. To relock the unit, turn the fasteners clockwise. 

Make sure that you store your food properly. A bear that finds no food in camp is more likely to become uncaring and move on to better pickings.  The NO-FED-BEAR® bear resistant container does not replace recommended safety measures. Never store food or odorous items in or near your sleeping area. For recommended procedures for camping in bear country, refer to the UDAP Bear Safety Tips Booklet provided. For additional safety in bear country, have UDAP Pepper Power® Bear Spray.

Because a fed bear is a dead bear!




Canister Storage Case

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