Bear Shock® Testimonials

UDAP Ultra Lightweight Electric Fences

We just got back from an elk hunting trip on Afognak Island (near Kodiak, Alaska).  We brought two of your Ultra Lightweight Electric Fences with us, one for around our tent, and another for around our food and game meat.  Although we didn't find any elk on this hunt, we did two years ago.

On that earlier hunt, we got our elk late in the day, and it was dark by the time we had the meat hanging.  Wanting to get back to camp as soon as possible, we didn't take the time to surround our meat with the electric fence I had carried in my pack.  This was a mistake.  When we returned in the morning, a large sow Kodiak brown bear and her cub were on the meat.  Fortunately, we were able to chase them off.  We packed the meat back to camp, set up our fences, and lost no more meat to bears.  We also slept well knowing that we were surrounded by one of your fences.

Sincerely, Dan Carey - Anchorage, Alaska