How to Use

UDAP Pepper Spray During an Bear Attack

If a bear is charging, begin spraying when it gets within 40 feet. It will run into the fog. If a bear is coming at you along with a strong wind, you may wish to wait until it is quite close before spraying. Carry your canister in a holster on your belt or chest, with nozzle pointing away from you. Aim for the face or spray a cloud that the bear has to run through to get to you.

Before hitting the trail, familiarize yourself with how to operate the bear deterrent. In an attack you may not have time to pull it out. Practice makes perfect sense. Bear attacks happen as fast as lightning!!! Most situations where you will need to use your UDAP Bear Spray will be in a close surprise encounter. Practice, at least seven times going for your spray, or until you can reach it in a split second's time when needed. You may want to practice actually shooting from your holster with one of our inert cans. These cans have the same spraying power as our regular sprays without the hot pepper. For training purposes only, inert cans be purchased at half the price of our regular spray, we suggest also using outdated cans for this purpose. In a bear attack situation, we do know this: you will panic if you have not been trained ahead how you will think and react. Practice what you need to do in different attack situations. Rehearse, with friends or family various situations in order to be prepared in a real life threatening situation. Recently, a mother and her children were able to prevent a possible mauling by holding bear encounter drills with her family at home before hitting the trail.

Wisdom is better than strength - Be prepared!

This product is not a substitute for caution and common sense. In the pursuit of your activities don't be prey for an attack, stay alert, and be prepared with confidence and peace of mind by having easy access to any of our UDAP Pepper Power® products. The hottest and most potent formula available, at this printing, is designed and manufactured by a grizzly bear attack survivor. To achieve maximum strength we utilize only the purest, highest grade Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) red pepper in our products.
In any kind of attack situation you have to react under pressure. Attacks can be fast, often leaving you no time to think, only time to react. We strongly recommend you take time to familiarize yourself with this product's operation.

  • Test fire - downwind - outside - pointed safely away from people and pets Contents may travel and/or linger longer than expected. Using a quick half-second burst will increase safety and confidence with this product.
  • To prevent loss of safety clip, we tie the safety clip to the handle. (Please leave attached)
  • UDAP Pepper Power® safe and reliable.
  • DO NOT carry UDAP Pepper Power ® in your pocket, fanny pack, or backpack. For quick silent access in a close encounter attack, it is best to carry bear spray in one of our holsters designed for bear spray specifically.
  • Keep loose clothing out of the way.
After purchasing your bear spray, please read all directions and warnings on label.


Transporting Pepper Spray to your Destination

Care should be taken when transporting pepper spray. When the spray is not in use, the safety clip should be in place. When packing the spray be aware of other items that might possibly crush or puncture the can. When transporting pepper spray in a vehicle, utilize trunk space or a chest cooler. Never leave in direct sunlight. Do not leave in vehicle or where temperatures can reach extremes very quickly.