Holsters & Accessories 

Chest Holsters available for (260g & 380g)


Our state-of-the-art Chest Holster system is the best in its class. Three easily adjustable straps are designed to fit chest sizes 32 to 54. Our Chest Holster provides the most comfortable and efficient means of carrying pepper spray available today.  UDAP pepper spray holsters and harnesses allow the user to shoot "from the hip" (or chest) without drawing the canister. We recommend however, that the canister be drawn and aimed if time allows.

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  • #15CH
  • Chest Holster
  • $22.95
  • #18CH
  • Chest Holster
  • $25.95

Hip Holsters available for (180g, 225g, 260g & 380g)


In addition to providing quick-draw access and a comfortable means by which to carry pepper sprays. Our pepper spray holsters prevent the can from twisting, allowing it to be pointed in a ready position away from you. In situations where brush is not a concern and extreme readiness is needed, unsnap the strap, fold it down around and snap (lock) the strap out of the way to provide silent and easy access to the to the trigger.

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  • #9H
  • Hip Holster
  • $11.95
  • #12H
  • Hip Holster
  • $12.95
  • #15H
  • Hip Holster
  • $13.95
  • #18H
  • Hip Holster
  • $15.95

New Pink Camo Holster Now Available

  • Pink Camo Bear Spray holster with belt
  • #12PBH
  • Pink Camo
    Hip Holster
    with Belt
  • $18.95
  • Pink Camo Bear Spray holster with belt

INERT (N0 Pepper) For Training Only

Practice makes perfect sense!

If you Have not used our products before, you should obtain a UDAP training can and practice with it until you can perform, quickly and accurately, the activities necessary to Arm, Apply and Disarm the product.

You may want to practice actually shooting from your holster with one of our inert cans. These cans have the same spraying power as our regular sprays without the hot pepper. For training purposes only, inert cans be purchased at half the price of our regular spray.

In a bear attack situation, we do know this: you will panic if you have not been trained ahead how you will think and react. Practice what you need to do in different attack situations. Rehearse, with friends or family various situations in order to be prepared in a real life threatening situation. Recently, a mother and her children were able to prevent a possible mauling by holding bear encounter drills with her family at home before hitting the trail.

Pink Camo Bear Spray holster with belt

Inert Training Unit 7.9 oz.

Item #12-I
Pink Camo Bear Spray holster with belt

Inert Training Unit 7.9 oz.

Item #12-I

Pepper Spray Reliever

Effective Relief From Pepper Spray

This non-toxic formula neutralizes the irritating effects of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC).

UDAP Reliever offers relief when sprayed with pepper srpay or bear spray. UDAP Reliever contains a natural herbal extract designed to draw out the oily resin of pepper spray from of the skin. This helps reduce the time it takes to recover if accidently sprayed.

IMPORTANT: Apply "UDAP Reliever" as quickly as possible after exposure.

Pink Camo Bear Spray holster with belt

Inert Training Unit 7.9 oz.

Item #12-I

Aerosol Safety Case

(Fits #9, #12, #15 & #18 Canisters)

Protects against extreme temperatures! Resists Heat!


This is the recommended & approved aerosol safety case by U.S. Forest Service.

This case can protect Bear Spray from overheating in vehicles. Refer to Manual: 6700 Safety and Health / July 1996 / 9667-2823-MTDC. The Pepper Spray Case contains a foam filter that allows the pepper spray aerosol propellant to vent, but keeps the active ingredients safely contained. Ideal for storage in vehicles and non-commercial aircraft.

  • #ASC Fits All Bear Spray Canisters $22.95 each
  • Geta-Grip Mounting System

    (Fits #9, #12 or #15 Canisters)


  • #GM Geta Grip
  • $19.95 each

    Geta-Grip Mounts Pepper Spray almost anywhere see below


    Pre-tapped Holes for Water Bottle Mount!

    As easy as one, two, three

    Home Security Have Peace of Mind at Home!

    R.V.\Camp Trailer Have Security on the Road!

    A.T.V. Have Confidence on the Trail!

    Geta Grip Specifications

    • Capacity: 2" - 2 1/2" Diameter Cylinders
    • Compatible with All Brands of Pepper Spray!
    • Pre-tapped Holes for Water Bottle Mount on Bicycles
    • Manufactured by the Leader in Bear Deterrent & Pepper Spray Pepper Power®
    • Secure, Quiet Hold

    • Easy to Install

    • Easy Access

    • Lightweight Aluminum, Durable Construction

    Jogger Holster


    Safety is in the Palm of Your Hand!!!

    The #3P Jogger Fogger® is our most popular all-around self defense unit. Designed to fit easily in the palm of your hand with a stretch band to hold it securely in place. The most effective unit for protection against attacks on dark streets, parking lots, and other dangerous urban environments. With holster's inner loop, it can also be worn on a belt for mail carriers, delivery people, meter readers, etc... For bicycle enthusiasts the jogger fogger® can also be strapped on the back of your hand. Pick up one of the most versatile self defense units on the market today!!!