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UDAP Keychain Spray

Good morning today I was off duty I work with my local pd as reserve police officer for about 3 years I was in my car at red light when shirt less guy jump out today and start screaming on me get out of car and fight me because I eventually cross him over at highway he started hitting my passenger seat window and I step out of the vehicle with my car keys where I had UDAP keychain spray I show him my law enforcement. Id and told him to backup from my car he didn't listen to me so I deploy the unit worked perfectly fine thank you for great product!

UDAP saved us from a horrific outcome!

I was walking my young female Doberman at a local park in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My dog was on her six foot lead walking on a grassy area when she alerted. I looked up and saw two dogs off the leash and approaching me at full speed with ears laid back and eyes locked on my dog. They were a Pit bull and a Chow mix. Their owner, a middle aged female was running behind them screaming at her dogs( the law in Albuquerque is a dog must be on a leash at all times unless at an authorized dog park). As a retired 35 year police veteran, I knew not to run, my only defense was my UDAP clip on commander pepper spray fogger. A firearm would have been out of the question in the public park and with several bystanders. While holding my Dobie at bay, I aimed my UDAP fogger at the charging dogs and hit the dogs at about 12 feet by bouncing or rolling the pepper spray along the grass. The Pit bull was the first to hit the fog and came to stop and rolled and ran back to its owner the Chow mix staggered and retreated. UDAP saved us from a horrific outcome like we read and hear about all the time. When my wife and I are walking our dog or hiking, UDAP is our companion. We also have it in our cars and home. Thank You UDAP - Bill Hansen.

This is hands down the hottest and most well built pepper spray device I have ever tested

I have carried OC pepper spray since 1994 and I have been teaching personal defense classes since 2006. Today I received 4 Hot Fogger Key Chain units. I was able to test out the unit today and I have to say, this is hands down the hottest and most well built pepper spray device I have ever tested. I took the unit outside and fired a short blast and was very impressed with the diameter and power of the little hot fogger key chain unit. I can also attest that after being sprayed 4 separate times with other pepper spray products that just the secondary contamination of the hot fogger from walking into the cloud was devastating. I wish I would have known about this product's performance the last 6 years I have been teaching. I am recommending the Pepper Power worlds hottest formula. I have placed another order for 8 additional units. The pungency of the 3.0% MC formulation can not be disputed. This is the best 15 bucks someone can spend. I thank you for your information and for providing such an effective and quality product for consumers to protect themselves with. This is the only product I will be carrying and recommending and you now have a customer for life.


Brent Taulbee

NRA Certified Firearms and Personal Defense Instructor

His eyes were nearly swollen shut and snot was pouring down his face.

In the parking lot of a local fast food restaurant, a homeless man approached the passenger side of my jeep where my girlfriend was sitting. He asked us if we could spare a dollar or two for some food, my girlfriend had pulled out her pocketbook. I could see the man looking down into her wallet and he had his left hand in his jeans pocket. My girlfriend fumbled to get her wallet open while I opened the center console pretending to look for some change. Something in my mind was telling me to be cautious, I slipped the safety wedge off on my 6.3oz canister of pepper power®. Literally seconds later a box cutter appeared in the window and he demanded that we give him the wallet. I unleashed about a 3 second fog right square in his face and we sped off, trying to distance ourselves from him. He staggered off into an alleyway near the restaurant. We called the local PD and they apprehended him one block away at a public park attempting to wash the spray off of his face. When he was cuffed and we had to identify him his whole upper torso and face were covered in an orange/red colored oil. His eyes were nearly swollen shut and snot was pouring down his face. We later discovered that he was wanted on several warrants including sexual battery and drug possession.



The fog stopped the Great Pyrenees...

I live in the mountains of Colorado just west of the Vail ski area with my wife and 2-year old Golden Retriever. We have lots of dogs where we live and the majority are very friendly. A few months ago I had an encounter with a recently rescued 1-year old Great Pyrenees. As we were walking off leash in an area that is U.S. Forest Service land (off leash allowed as long as under voice control) the Great Pyrenees who was off leash also with his owner saw me and my dog and proceeded to attack my dog without provocation. The whole incident lasted only a few seconds with no injury to either dog. My wife works at the Beaver Creek ski area where there are lots of bears foraging for food in the Fall prior to hibernation. She has been carrying the UDAP Magnum Bear Spray for years. I went to the UDAP website and saw the Jogger Fogger® spray and thought this would be ideal for a dog walking situation. So I ordered three…one for me, my wife and my neighbor. Yesterday I was walking in the same area with my dog leashed since he was just neutered. We encountered the same Great Pyrenees in about the same area as before. I had my Jogger Fogger® in the outside left chest pocket of my fleece jacket. The Great Pyrenees was about 20 yards from us and charged. With my right hand I was able to get the Jogger Fogger® out of my vest pocket, put my right index finger under the locking lever and discharge the spray. By the way this was with a gloved hand since the temperature was about 30°F. The fog stopped the Great Pyrenees in his tracks and he retreated to his owner. My dog was right at my side and was not caught up in the fog. I honestly believe the UDAP Jogger Fogger® prevented what could have been a nasty mess since my dog was still recovering from the effects of anesthesia.

Jim stopped the dog in its tracks...

After I had two encounters with vicious unleashed dogs on the beach, I decided I would never walk or ride my bike without a can of UDAP pepper spray. I have had to use it two times in two years. Once the owner of the unleashed dog was no where insight when the dog charged me. The next time I actually asked the owner three times to leash their dog to allow my wife and I to walk by and the owner ignored my requests, actually showing a "you can't make me" attitude when the dog charged my wife and I. Your pepper spray worked excellently both times. I don't know if it was the sound of the discharge or the actual pepper but it stopped the dog in its tracks. Unfortunately, I almost had to use it on the owner after I sprayed his dog. Some people are just jerks. I never have seen that owner walk his dog off leash since.

I have instructed family and friends on how to shoot firearms and about firearm safety; however I am a big fan and always recommend pepper spray because I believe many would hesitate to use a firearm even though their life was in danger. Many would be much quicker to defend themselves with pepper spray. Just be real careful which way the wind is blowing when on the beach.

is may not be a horrifying story of a bear attack but your pepper spray saved my butt two times from potential dog bites! Thank you for an excellent product.

Jim - Hilton Head, South Carolina

It provides me with security
and a sense of confidence.

I am an active mom that likes to be outdoors. I enjoy exercising myself and my dog. Unfortunately, parks are sometimes the home to unwanted, unleashed dogs, or even worse, "shady" characters. I have had to use my spray to ward off animals for the safety of myself and my children in the stroller. The pepper spray has always been effective and accurate. It provides me with security and a sense of confidence.

Karen from New York

He immediately fell into the ditch and began pawing at his head
and eyes and rolling on his head and back.

My name is Wendy Tennyson and I live in southern Illinois . I have been a serious all-seasons cycling enthusiast for over 15 years, and while this is a long, long way from bear country, you would be hard pressed to ride 30 miles in any direction and not pass by a house with a dog that has real bicycle issues. 95% of the dogs I see have become such good friends that I pack dog snacks especially for them and can call them by name. Most dogs are just "chasers" by nature and not truly aggressive

dogs. That other 5% are usually only trouble because their owners are ignorant of proper training measures...or just too lazy to care. I seldom blame the dog itself, but nevertheless, of that minority of problem dogs, there is usually one that clearly intends to bite and you simply cannot allow this to happen. Do not become a statistic! Unless you are a talented sprinter, have a head start on the dog, and it's a downhill section, you will not be able to outrun an attacking dog. Your best bet is to stop the attack, even if only long enough to give yourself time to safely leave the dog's area as most attacks are territorial in nature.

Over the years I have purchased several different brands of pepper spray, mainly from military surplus outlets or sporting goods stores, and I was frustrated with the fact that they consistently either ran out of propellant after only one or two bursts, or just seemed to be rather weak and relatively ineffective. I do not anticipate having to use a defensive weapon on a daily basis, but when I DO need it, I do not want to be having ANY DOUBTS as to its efficiency or potency. I believe I first bought UDAP's Clip-On Commander about three years ago, by chance, and initially wondered if I would have the same troubles as before with the other brands. Happily, there is simply no comparison. With the other sprays I have used, you really needed a face shot to get good results...with the UDAP products, simply get it within breathing distance and you will see immediate behavioral changes.

The only trouble I have had recently is with a pit bull mix, and again, the owners need a shot of OC as badly as the dog does. In all the years I have been a cyclist, this is the first dog I have seriously been in fear of, and it is mainly due to the fact that he exhibited severe aggression at a very early age and it has only been made worse by the fact that he is kept on a chain nearly 24/7 in horrible conditions. A little over a year ago, this dog charged out of his yard and caught me off guard and bit me on the calf. Had he been a little older and experienced and my leg not so sweaty I would likely have needed medical attention. Shortly after this, he twice attacked a neighbor on separate occasions as she walked by. As the dog matured more people along that road had trouble. This told me that the aggression was not limited to the usual dog-bike dislike and that I really should take care around this animal. The owners began chaining him and I knew that if I ever rode past and he was somehow off that chain I could be in serious danger. About a week or so ago that day arrived and the OC proved its worth once again.

I'd hoped I'd never have to deal with that animal off the chain and I was rather shaken up with the whole encounter but I can tell you when the problem arrived I had the remedy on board.
Again, I can usually find other ways to deal with the "trouble" dogs I encounter while cycling, but when diplomacy fails I know I am well prepared to defend myself!

Thanks UDAP!!
Wendy Tennyson

"I was in AWE of the effects of this stuff and its hard to impress me these days."

Your Jogger Fogger® neutralized two male attackers for me and enabled me to get away. Thanks so much.

I am retired Military and a disabled veteran. I emptied the can in the faces of the attackers. They had to be transported to the hospital for decontamination. I'm safe and that's all that matters. The men tried to run over me and then proceeded to get out and attack me. Jogger Fogger® worked so fast as the men started to exit the vehicle the cops said some could consider it preemptive. This product is so powerful, I feel more confident after a real world situation and will buy many more cans. One broken down man against a vehicle and two male attackers.

Money well spent, John Ferguson

"I prefer carrying the Power Pepper®"

Even though I'm an N.R.A. Firearms instructor (one of the few females in this area) and have all kinds of gun carry permits, when I walk my dog around the neighborhood, I prefer carrying the Power Pepper Spray that I KNOW works without a fatality! Though I THOUGHT I was bringing it along for some of the meaner dogs in the area, about a year ago, some maniac in a pick-up truck tried to run over my dog and me! After we jumped in the closest ditch, he stopped the truck and started to get out to beat the hell out of me (I had never seen the guy and didn't even know his name until I saw it on the later police report)! I pulled out my trusty Pepper Power® and let him have it right in the side of his head! That stopped him in his tracks!!
Long story short, I now have a restraining order against the guy who not only threatened to kill my dog, and me but also had a house full of guns that the police confiscated under the terms of the order.
Since then, I've been VERY successful convincing some big ugly opossums and a couple of raccoons to pass the trash cans around HERE!!

STACY & Jack Russell CASSIE

Ellenton, FL

"Thanks to all at UDAP for such fantastic products."

I have a Jogger Fogger® and tonight had the occasion to use it.

My wife, carrying our baby, was chased through our garage by a female pit bull. She just made the door to the house before it caught her. I retrieved my Jogger Fogger® and went outside to see if the dog was still there. The dog spotted me and charged instantly, prompting me to lay down a fog of spray. I hit the dog square in the face and it turned inside out to run the other way, a truly amazing reaction from a dog that had its head down and was coming for action. The only downfall was that my wife, who had come out to see what was happening, got a heavy dose of incidental spray. She can now vouch for the effectiveness of your products. Thanks again for a fantastic product.

Jon Jegglie

"Don't forget your Keys... or your UDAP Key Chain Pepper Spray!"

I returned to my apartment in Vancouver, WA and walked in on someone attempting to break into my apartment. The man was about 6' 3" and I'm guessing was over 200 pounds. When he saw me, he came after me. I dropped what I was carrying and reached for my keys, where I always carry a UDAP Key Chain pepper spray. I sprayed the intruder and he immediately dropped to the ground. He didn't move! Luckily a Clark County deputy came on his nightly patrol and I flagged him down. He was quite impressed with the pepper spray. I later found out that the intruder was drunk and had cocaine in his system. I truly believe that little canister of pepper spray saved me that night!

Elizabeth Herdina, Vancouver, Washington.

"When I heard the coughing and gagging I turned around to see them gasping

I wanted to personally thank you for producing such a great product! In Wyoming I was jogging along the remote Snake River, and came across three obvious transients who tried to assault me. After purchasing a UDAP Jogger Fogger® from the local store, with the elastic band for easier carrying, I never had it out of my grip when running since I was afraid of wild animals and wanted protection. I never thought I would use it on a human. When three thugs blocked my path, one of them wielding a knife, I went into defense mode and immediately laid out a fog and reversed my direction. When I heard the coughing and gagging I turned around to see three very harmless bodies on the ground gasping for air, while one crawled to the waters edge. I can only imagine what would have happened had I not been carrying my can of UDAP self defense spray. It all came back to me just recently when a very good friend had a similar encounter and was viciously attacked. He had "regular" mace and his assailant did a number on him. I immediately went and bought the Pepper Spray Kit you produce and kept the Jogger Fogger® for myself and gave him the Key Chain, #9 Magnum, and the Pepper Pin. YOUR PRODUCT WORKS!!!

Dwayne Rickett, San Diego, California

Man's best friend - Two Large Dogs vs. Owner & Small Dog

One night, my Scottie and I decided to take a walk around the block. In the darkness of the night we rounded a corner only to be surprised by two large dogs charging us at full speed with lips pulled back and teeth bared. With only seconds to react, I yanked my 24 lb. Scottie into the air while simultaneously drawing my Magnum PD Pepper Power® from my waistband. The spray came out of the holster quickly and almost in an instant the safety was off. As the two 80 lb. dogs started to attack, I pulled the trigger and stopped them as if they had hit a brick wall. Last seen the two dogs were turning somersaults and rubbing their muzzles in the grass. Around the block or in the Colorado high country, we don't go anywhere without Pepper Power®. My Scottie Angus and I want to thank you for saving his life and saving me from a serious mauling. In a crisis UDAP is a best friend.

Richard Boulware

Jogger Fogger® ------ Always there when you need it!

The #3PWH Jogger Fogger® is our most popular all-around self defense unit. Designed to fit easily in the palm of your hand with a stretch band to hold it securely in place. The most effective unit for protection against attacks on dark streets, parking lots, and other dangerous urban environments. With holster's inner loop, it can also be worn on a belt for mail carriers, delivery people, meter readers, etc... For bicycle enthusiasts the jogger fogger can also be strapped on the back of your hand. Pick up one of the most versatile self defense units on the market today!!!

Safety is in the Palm of Your Hand!!!

Jogger Fogger®